Sunday, November 8, 2009

Malvadine & Aszil: Chaotic Twitter

Malvadine was a interesting card back in the day but has now since improved in his abilities..... He has Strike 10, he gains Defender and Air 5 when you have Royal cards like Iflar and Mudeenu..... He has a mugic and is energy is O.K. plus great speed..... But what really interest me is the FT which speeks of a King Theb-Saar and of him possibly returning, not to mention his title as the King's Herald : )Yay : ) Yay : ) Yay haha Im hoping that he will come out in the Storm and Sea packs coming out in Febuary, Being that he gets stronger around royals it would suggest that hell come out soon.

Ok Aszil is quite disturbing compared to Queen Illixia, kinda menacing looking.  There could possibly be a power shift within the Hive considering that it says Young Queen and not Young Princess  hmmmmm, I like Illixia so I hope she is the one who remains in power.....  Good energy, two mugics, 80 Courage, Earth... Not a tank creature but she can handle her own, but her strength like her mom is in her support ability.  If you put her together with her mom you can create a hive combo that gives all your creatures Earth, and Earth 5

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Possible Card art and Other Pics

Ok Aivenna and Nivenna Arts come attached together...... THIS NEVER OCCURED TO ME!!!!  I think this is pretty cool, considering their sisters.  If I could make this my Sig I would because even though I like pure tribe decks......  I love when in the storyline the tribes work together :-)

Ok this is Spyder.... Its hard to see.  He is hidden in the 2Year Banner art. So I cropped him and tinted it so it have some red in it, instead of it being all gold.  This creature we have seen on the show but has not make an appearance as a card yet so Im sure many of you Underworld players are ready for him to make his debue...

Ok I found this pic..... Im not sure if its new Maxxors, but well see.  Its not as vivid as other cards and it quite longer then most so this could be fan art.....

Ok, this looks familiar but im not sure so I posted it anyways.... It looks like an attack - somethin like do blank blank damage if the opposing creature is of the same tribe..... Just let me know if this card is a known card...... Thank Yall and have a good night :-)

Second Year Anniversery- And its Future

Ok,  Celebrating Chaotic for its two year anniversy is an amazing feat.  While this is true, I would like to also point out that its giving in to its name and becoming apart of the chaos haha.  Everybody is ready to celebrate the new pack coming out so I thought I would share the artwork of some of the cards to come out in "Fire and Stone" & "Storm and Sea"  I would like to thank the other Chaotic Players for posting and sharing these pictures, couldnt have done it without yall.  And I would like to thank Blargers for all the work with the forums and anouncements hes having to make, thank you.  I I would also like to Thank the entire Chaotic team they put so much work into this celebration for us, and for that I am so gratefull :-)
  Raimusa!!!!!!!!  His art looks AAAMMMMAAAZZZIIIINGGGG!!!!!   I know everybody cant wait for kickbutt Overworlder.  I can only hope his ability is just as good.  Not only that I would love for them to make his whip a battle gear.  When the actual card comes out I will be sure to do a Evolution Scan on him : ))))))

According to Chaotic Player - Onslaught( Thank You Onslaught) this creatures name is Lujah.  The only thing that I can be sure on of this card is it is not a underworlder or a danian.  This card could be a m'arrillian but they usually have tenticles or are a little more amorphous looking.  So that leaves us with the overworlders, tribeless, and the mipedians ( Please, I would love for him to be a mipedian).  But since nature surrounds and covers him I would suspect this card to be more likely a Overworlder.  He has shells on his knees, a vine on his arms, rocks coming out of him.  So I would suspect him to have water and earth.  Because of his amphibian-like appearance and his claws he could be a mipedian and have air but this is not likely.  Its strange how he is looking at the rose, on the rock, on his shoulder.  Overall whatever tribe this creature takes place in I will respect it.

Thank you again (Onslaught)...... This art of Tassanil will be redone for its very violent nature (agreed).  But while this is very violent, I cant wait for him to come out because the original Tassanil was the creature to get me into the danians.  If he is even a little closely comparable to the original, he will give a little wind to the danians who are finally start to pick up speed and being used.  Im hoping he will able to work along side the new Queene Illixia.  Bottem line is he is a cool creature with cool artwork.

Ok not much to say about this card.  His name is Kemmosh,  by looking at his artwork we can most likely agree he is a underworlder.  And by him working on this armor it would most likely suggest that he is either a support character or he works with battlegear. 

   Ok, on to Dractyl!!!!  I love the names that some of the other Chaotic Players have nick named him.  (Dractyl: Shadow Knight, or Demon Chicken) lol........  This version of Dractyl is very Underworldy......  So without comfirmation, we cannot say for sure this is Dractyl( Yeah Right )  .......... He does look like he has visited the Carnival of Confusion.  The horns and dark armor make him look very Menacing.  Cant wait for DEMON CHICKEN to make his appearance......

       I would also like to mention that me and my brother have had a Chaotic Divorce with our Accounts HAHA...  So Im no longer GuardianLowe ....  I have now split my cards across four accounts, so you may find me as one of these- Empath, LostEmpath, ShadowLowe, or my Mipedian account TitanTempest!!!! (favorite)

 And I again would like to thank Everyone that plays apart of Chaotic-  the Card makers, the encoders that let us have a virtual chaotic world, the moderators, the marketers, EVERYONE!!!! And especially the players and buyers---  While we may have too much order in our real life, we are only a card away from it becoming a little CHAOTIC.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All Things Bodal

   Bodal is card that is not the strongest card in the game yet has influinced parts of the game none the less.  Bodal gets wiser as other overworlders are near him.  This calculative creatures has his name on many FT of locations, battle gear and even some attacks.  Bodal has an assistant, Olkiex, but yet still likes to take the credit for it.  I can guesse eventually theyll make another Bodal, I wouldnt mind have one for collection but lets begin on cards that Bodal has imprinted himself that will last forever.

Bodal's Dagger is an awesome card.  But seeing it now just makes me envious to all the uses it could of had in the Dawn of Perim pack.  It deals a great amount of damage (10) for those attacks that are just basic.  Like Flash Kick and Squeeze Play, this is quite a boost because they have great effects.

     Bodal's Element Converter is very complexing considering that Bodal has no elements.  While this may not benifit Bodal, creatures with water and fire, like Dalgad would greatly do so.  The elemental converter will overload if an attack becomes to powerfull, and flip face down. 

Bodal's Arsenal is his occupational living.  So while a creature may lose a battlegear in battle, while in Bodal's Arsenal you can just grab you a new one.  Being that Bodal thrives on wisdom it makes since that wisdom is the initiative. 

Bodals assistant, Olkiex is the one who fixes the battlegear as Bodal counts inventory.  He's a great card that focuses on  flipping down battlegear. 

As I said before Bodal's name is on many cards.  On  FTs he calculates how long it takes before a event takes place.  On Gloom-Mire Night he calculates how long it takes him to sink into the murky darkness....

Evolution Scan #6- Rotation Underworld

        Rothar is was an awesome card of his time. Like a underworlder, he was very reckless but he had high energy.  He has Intimidation: Power 10.  His artwork shows him being all of his abilities, its shows him being strong enought to defend against attacks but yet reckless enough to keep charging, which therefore makes him intimidating haha.  He does have the earth element, so back then he could go with underworld cards like Van bloot, but had to avoid working with fire underworlders like Chaor.  His FT is just a plus, wether brave or stupid, I still would not to face him, face to face.

      And now to get to THE BEAST haha, Forceful Negotiator is a very impressive underworlder.  Just his name speaks terror and shows amazing strength.  He has all the elements that typical underworlders would have.  He still is reckless and forceful though being as if he can move he has too, but who said thats a bad thing : ).  His artwork is just like the card in it entirety(WONDERFULL) .  The only thing I dont like about the artwork iiiiiiisssssss........ HE'S PICKING ON SOME LITTLE MIPEDIANS, Id like for him to pick on Blazvatan haha.  His FT speaks just like his personality, Blunt.

Judgement: Improvement, Kaduh lol

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dragons of Perim

               Ok since dragons have made appearences on many other chaotic blogspots, I thought I would join in with whese amazing Chaotic Dragon-like creatures.  So I will show five of these such creatures and then post four dragon eggs of which I ask if yall would at least click on one, so lets begin and thank you.

Ok starting off with closest tribe of dragons and that is the mipedians.  And being that warbeast are gigantic like dragons I chose Gintanai.  He out of the five Im going to show you is the strongest.  Having Air and Earth 10.  He is viscious, and even destroys his allies.

Aokua starts off as a strong creature but quickly tires out.  And like many other dragons of lore( not the creature lol) he likes to eat and eat a lot.  So he takes daninas as his most delectable snack.

Of the dragons Im showing you, Issaley is my fav with Gintanai being second.  Issaley is like more of todays thought of a dragon, hes a protector, a caretaker.  While he may not breath fire, he is completely made of water and mastered it with water five.  Not only does he have all of that but he also has a mugic.

Ok while he not technically not a dragon hes the closest thing I could find for the danians.  He has wings, a tail, and scales.  Not only that but he had the fire element.

The teeth, tail and the scales are what show this to me as a dragon.  And his talent deals alot of damage just like a dragon would to me.

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Underworld Counters

         Sorry, I havent posted anything this week,  the weekends are my only free time.  So Ill always at least have one post on the weekend.  So Lets talk about a new system they have put on the underworlders.  This is the counter system.  And no not the mugic counter system lol, but the unique counters that the three cards have below. 


          Khybon the busy little bee of the Underworld.  Hes always trying to build trinkets or fix locations.  This scan of him is like his title, overseeing a magma dam.  So his effect is relating to his new job description, so by expending a great amount of fire five times he can destroy the dam and the magma will rush forward to the engaged creatures.  This deals a great amount damage, while this is usefull it will require a great use of strategy not to code both your opponent and your creature.  So Khybon sports the expend and counter trend, so I guesse he likes to keep up with the fashions.

         Kiru, oh how I know you love to visit my site.  His counters are based on how when he wins a combat he becomes a better leader.  And because he was originaly from the overworld he doesnt teach his subject to cause more damage, no instead he encourages them to live better and to have more energy.  I love Kiru, underworlders are not my choice of creatures but he has a mysterious backstory and thats what I love about every creature. Each has their own story and are unique, even to their selves, they just like us are diffent everyday and are never the same person.  Thats why I like to do evolution scans to see where they began and to see where they are going.

         Ok I cant wait until they unvale another Stelgar episode.  WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOOOUUUU!!!!!! : (      Now that he is vicously mutated, he is like the original and is constantly growing.  Now we're not sure yet if he needs sunlight as in the past.  But doesnt no matter what he needs.....isnt he great, I mean he doesnt even have to battle and he gains amazing energy and disciplines.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Perims Lands # 5

      I thought I would continue on with the Pillars in Perims Lands.  This version of Castle Pillar has a closer more personal view.  But its not the Art that interest me its the FT.  Does a creature truly reside in Castle Pillar?  If a creature is imprisoned here by Chaor, it must be a sight to behold.  The couragous get the initiative so maybe because only the brave would dare open the hidden chambers of Castle Pillar. As we've seen on the Chaotic Kings episode the wise must solve puzzles to reach the top where a mugician lies.  But what if that mugician is only a distraction and the true treasure resides in the opposite end in the basement.  Im sure if the creature is released as a card you Underworld fans will become estatic; hey and maybe even drool lol.  : )

The Underworlds Pillars

         I'm trying to make a post on all the tribes and something that is unique to each tribe. Ok, Ive done a post on the Warbeast, and the Danian Composters. So on to the Underworlders, I could have done a post on intimidation or creatures that utilize sacrifice but those are spread across many underworlders.  So I have decided to do the most important locations to the Underworld, that is the pillar locations of which without the Underworld could not even exist. 

Information has been pulled from

      The Stone Pillar has a menacing mystery behind it.  Appearently not even the Underworlders dare to come close to this pillar since the disapearence of some strong Underworld warriors.  Since this event all creatures who have ventured there disappeared except for a rare few, Ghuul is one of these.  Because there is a haunting Underworld Mugician already existiing there, the first underworlder who casts a mugic uses one less mugician.  The FT says Pillars are needed for both the over and under worlds.

         Iron Pillar is one of the most unstable of the known pillars.  Because it has been years since it was first built its instability is only fixed by welded pieces here and there.  Because of the magnetic properties of the welded metals, battlegear are stripped of their abilities.  Khybon would like to rebuild the entire pillar before the structure falls and takes a large portion of the underworld with it but Chaor want the funds only to be put into his armies.

        Stone, Iron and now Wood, the pillars are created of different elements giving them each their own unique stories and character.  The Wooden Pillar is the opposite end of the Runic Grove.  Just as the Runic Grove absorbs all tribal mugic when used, the roots must only absorb one overworld mugician at a time.  The overworld muges must be weary when traveling close to the Wooden Pillar.

      Castle Pillar Is filled with traps, doors and pillars that only the wise can figure out and pass through.  I will not say much because I shall have more in my next post.

     Jade Pillar appears to be by the artwork the newest of the pillars.  The pillar being made of a jade crystal is not invicible.  Repetive attacks will weaken the pillar to fall.  So while Iron Pillar is the most unstable all the time, Jade Pillar maybe the most unstable while in the prescence of battles.  If you are to battle here you must be really lucky or a excellent stratigist.

Because this is not a true tribute to the underworlders i will try and do another post on them soon.......

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Evolution Scan Interruption #1

       Ok like I said in the begining of Evolution Scan, I will have breaks of where I insert a M'arrillian, or Tribeless into the Evolution Scan cycle of  Overworld, Underworld, Mipedians, and Danians.  I've decided on keeping Evolution Scan in the title but instead of adding where I usually put the tribe rotation, Ive added Interruption.  So this will be my first Evolution Scan Interruption. Interruptions will continue on like a regular Evolution Scans, most of you already know how Evolution Scan works, so need to bore yall anymore lets begin.

    My first Interruption will be on Mock'Adyn.  In his original he was a Fluid Morpher, he is now a elementalist.  Though he is no longer a fluid morpher his new title still gives him the respect as a former one as the Fluid Master.  His old art work to me doesnt compare to his new scan.  Its much smoother and shows off his abilities better.  Fluid Master has awesome FT, it shares that the m'arrillians are all fighting to be the top in their leadership position.  Now to get to their effects, Fluid Master can expend his water to gain a mugic, while this is a closely related effect to a fluid morpher its nothing in comparisson to an original fluidmorpher.  The original Mock'Adyn has the fluidmorph ability plus he could heal in great amounts.  While i do like the overall card better on Fluid Master, the original is a better card.
Judgement= DEvolution

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Evolution Scan #5- Rotation Overworld

          This Evolution Scan will be on Hune Marquard.  Hey, does anybody notice a difference?   Well of coarse you do......  I understand the small changes to the certain features on the cards they have to make, BUT THIS IS JUST CRAZYYYYY!!!!    Marquard went from being bug-like to being a bird. While this does suit him better for being an overworlder,  Im still baffeled by this metamorphasis.  I have some ideas that ease my mind about how this could happen.  Even if its not true, I like to think of it, just so it can make sense.  My first hypothoesis is that him being a scholar on danians and their mugic is that he accidentally cast a mugic on himself and took that form.  Another one of my hypothoesis is that he was infected by a different breed of danian parasite and it had taken his form not his mind.  My last one is just a funny, THE M'ARRILLIANS FEARED HIM SO MUCH, BEING SO BUGGY THAT THEY BRAINWASHED HIM AND GLUED SOME FEATHERS UPON HIM!!!!! Haha : P

       Ok now to get back to the Evolution Scan.  Both the Original and Brainwashed have no elements but yet both have have two mugics.  So in the end this will come down to their Effects, Art, and FT(Flavor Text).  Since Ive already talked a little about their art, this will be quick, I choose brainwashed just because he looks more overworldy, being a bird.  While Brainwashed Scholar in the title does give a small description on what has happened to him, the original has the more descriptive flavor text, so point goes to him.  Last but not in all the least is the effect.  Brainwashed Scholar wins the effect challange just because with the Original you would have to know that your were faceing a danian player, while Brainwashed could go with a danian or m'arrillian team.

Judment= Improvement

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fire And Water

Since I just had a post on the Elemental Servants Im just going to post up their battlegear, cant wait for Nom's, and Silv's if they make 'em